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How much discount do I get on my textbooks if I am a member of Favervuta?
If you are a member of Favervuta, you will get very high discount on your textbooks.

Discount on Dutch language textbooks
Before a period begins, you will receive a 10 percent discount on Dutch-language titles when ordering online via Favervuta. This has to do with Dutch legislation. You will receive this discount only during the period mentioned with the titles online. If the period has started you will receive a 5 percent online discount if you purchase 2 different Dutch-language books from a study group. The latter also applies to purchases at the VU Bookstore as Favervutamember.

Discounts on English-language books
. English language (study) books are always super cheap, with discounts up to 25%, if you are a member of Favervuta.

I already bought my books at the VU Bookstore and then became a member of Favervuta?
As a member of Favervuta you get an extra discount. If you decided to become a member of Favervuta during the introduction week but have already bought your books at the VU Bookstore then you will receive the extra discount. To do so, go to the bookstore with your invoice from the VU Bookstore. Please note that this action runs from August 1 to September 15 of each academic year. The extra discount applies only to English language textbooks.

Where can I become a member of Favervuta?
Become a member of Favervuta while ordering! This is easy to click on. With your first order, you'll usually have the membership fee out of the way! You can also become a member directly at the VU Bookstore. Just fill out the form at the cash register. Of course you can also drop by Favervuta.

Do I also get a discount on textbooks I buy at the VU Bookstore if I am a member of a student organization?
If you are a member of a study association, you will receive a sticker on your student card. This means that you can buy your textbooks from all the study associations at a discount in the VU Bookstore. You must then show your sticker at the cash register.
Sells Favervuta second-hand textbooks?
Second-hand books are sold through this website to members of Favervuta.

Can I sell my textbooks through Favervuta?
You can offer your textbooks for sale if you no longer need them. Look for them on this site under 'Second-hand'. It is simple and you will receive money immediately if your book is sold.

What price do I pay for a used book?
. This differs per book. When ordering, you can choose between 'used' and 'heavily used'. In the latter case you pay even less, but then the book has more markings.
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